Income Tax

Among the multitude of taxes present in the system, Income tax is the one that deals with the taxation of the earning of every individual, firm or organization in a financial year. The earning or the income could be in the form of Salary, Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains, Profits from Business or Profession or any other Income.

Income Tax Return is a proof that you have paid your income tax. It contains the details about your annual Income and the amount of tax you have paid. Every year- Resident, NRI s and Foreign Expatriates who earn the taxable income need to file the Income Tax Return (ITR).

As the taxes eat the returns of the people, so to minimize the taxes there are many tax saving options available that not only help in saving the taxes but also help in earning tax free Income. But not all are the same in terms of features, so making the Investments in right option is essential. So, maximize your tax savings with our CA assisted income tax filing service.

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