H.A Badami & Co helps out the property Purchases , Sales, Leasing , Lenders , Brokers , Deeds , Liens , Easements , Boundary Disputes , Construction Projects , Contractor Disputes , Disclosures , Permits , Land Use and Government Regulation. We have been providing services to number of clients across the Country.

Sale Deed, Wills, Gift Deed, Trust Deed, Inheritance Law, Conflicts, Drafting, Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Beneficiaries and Probates/Notarize.

Our expertise in minimizing tax as under the Law and your paperwork and giving great advice on how to grow your business has made us one of the city’s reputed firms serving clients from Pakistan. But also conveniently situated so we can visit you or for you to come to our offices for a free 24/7 no obligation consultation.